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Full Electric Series
Special note 

Products advantages - clamping force produced from 900KN to 40,000 KN, theoretical injection capacity 100cm3 to 140000cm3, weight 100g to 150000g different series of plastic injection molding machines, standard series, servo energy saving series (all-electric, servo, conversion, variables, etc.) and special machine series (high-speed, color, extrusion one, two plates, bottle, cell phone special)
• all-electric series
1. Machine features:
High: Using synchronous movements can be fast cycle molding capabilities, improve production efficiency
Precision: Direct detection of Helicobacter reaction, enhance the control performance, high precision injection
Speed: injection speed 300mm/s-1000mm/s; to improve process control, V-P switch control response performance, reproduction performance, high-speed forming of the power play
Energy: energy saving, compared with the hydraulic injection molding machine for more than 60%
Stability: time, location measurement, such as the minimum buffer is more stable; by tracking products forming the pressure fluctuations, improve product quality stability
Green: low vibration and sound operation, to improve the operator's working environment
Effective protection: detect mold when the motor current, effectively prevent mold damage; by monitoring the servo motor movement information and loads, to prevent the occurrence of various faults
2. using 12 patented technologies
3. Suitable for the production of product type: thin-walled, precision products (lenses, cell phone case, electrical enclosure, etc.)