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Variable Energy Conservation Series
Special note 

Products advantages - clamping force produced from 900KN to 40,000 KN, theoretical injection capacity 100cm3 to 140000cm3, weight 100g to 150000g different series of plastic injection molding machines, standard series, servo energy saving series (all-electric, servo, conversion, variables, etc.) and special machine series (high-speed, color, extrusion one, two plates, bottle, cell phone special)
• Variable energy conservation series
1. the whole advantage of introducing
The company's energy-saving products, the parameter with the same specifications FT FTN FJ same model, using closed loop control variable pump, the system output pressure and flow with the Production Technology needs to implement closed-loop control, and general injection molding machines compared to provincial water power, high control precision, good stability, power consumption increases 30% to 50%, to produce plastic products require a higher precision.
Energy: saving rate of 30% to 50%
Precision: The closed loop control variable pump, the system output pressure and flow with the products, production processes need to implement closed-loop control, required to produce high precision plastic products.
2.using five patented technologies
3.Application domain: Uses in the daily life, the electrical appliances, the automobile, the physical distribution, the health, the project, the electron, the pipeline, the building, the packing and so on various domains each kind of precise thermoplastic product production.