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Injection Machine
Special note 
Products advantages - clamping force produced from 900KN to 40,000 KN, theoretical injection capacity 100cm3 to 140000cm3, weight 100g to 150000g different series of plastic injection molding machines, standard series, servo energy saving series (all-electric, servo, conversion, variables, etc.) and special machine series (high-speed, color, extrusion one, two plates, bottle, cell phone special
1.the whole advantage of introducing
Speed, shape-way big: after a negative angle of opening and closing mode structure, ensuring fast mold open and close, stable, and a large-scale thickness.
High accuracy and good performance: the main hydraulic and electric parts adopt international famous brand, excellent performance, precise control.
Intelligent, humane: advanced injection molding machines, intelligent human-machine communication interface, the operation more efficient and convenient.
High strength, long life: optimal design of injection structure, passing the application over presses high rigidity, high stability and large-scale application of quality alloy's style, longer machine life.
2.using three patented technologies
3.Application: for daily life, household appliances, automotive, logistics, health care, engineering, electronics, plumbing, construction, packaging and other fields of various types of precision thermoplastic products, production