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 Fully Automatic Body Welders
Special note 
This machine is a full-automatic equipment that is applicable to make out the can-shape by gathering welding, repair ,and drying integrative. The can-shape material is to adopt tinplate, it is widely apply to packing industry in beverage, canned food, chemical raw-material, fog-can etc…. The organ of this machine apply to Japanese Omron programmable apparatus, Mitsubishi inverter, SMC pneumatic organ and American valve etc., famous brand product of the world in high quality. The machine-accessory apply to the number-control equipments in making, high accuracy in machine, as well as the reasonable heat treatment craft. It makes the machine transmission and operation durable.
Technical parameter
 Welding speed
 Output Rate
 Stitch range
 Over lap
 Canbody  ID
 Can-body height
 Material thickness
 Tin coating
 Tin :#5~#100
 Copper wire
 Power supply
 three phase
 Total Power
 Welding frequency
 Cooling water
 Compressed air