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220l Plastic Blowing Machine
Special note 
The machine consists of frame, extruder, controllable die head, molding machine, blow unit, mechanical hand, cooling device, safe guards, automatic loading machine, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems mainly. It is suitable for producing blow containers made of heavy molecular weight PE.
Specifications and parameters of it are as follows:
Screw diameter: φ120, screw length to diameter ratio (L/D) =30/1.
Material: high-grade nitrogen steel 38CrMoAlA is selected as the material of the screw. Through surface nitrogen treatment, the thickness of nitrogen layer is more than or equal to 0.4MM, and its hardness is HV900.
Cylinder: high-grade nitrogen steel 38CrMoAlA is selected as the material of the cylinder. Through inner surface nitrogen treatment, its hardness is more than or equal to 900 (HV≥900).
Driving type: driven by Z4 motor, stepless speed regulation.
Driving power: 132KW
Screw speed: 0-50r/min
Plasticizing capacity: ≥300Kg/h (EHMWPE particle)
Temperature control: employ imported automatic temperature controller.
Heating method: cast aluminum heating ring plus thermal insulation material and stainless steel cover are employed.
Heating zone: 5 zones, temperature-measuring zone is set at material entrance.
Cooling method: wind cooling of cylinder.
Hopper base: cooling with circulated water.
Ⅱ.Accumulator head:
Whole structure: heart shaped double-layer runners structure have advantages of material’s entering and going out by order, changing of material and color being easy and quick.
Accumulator cylinder capacity: 20L
Max. injection weight per time: 15Kg ( calculated according to HDPE raw material, melt density: 0.75g/cm3)
Heating method: ceramic heating ring is used.
Heating zone: 6 zones
Die head material: part with runner adopts nitrogen steel 38CrMoAlA
Temperature control: employing imported automatic temperature controller.
Die dimensions: 150-350mm, one set ofφ220mm die is provided with machine.
Rate of injection: 0.4-1.2Kg/s
Radial adjustment amount of die: 3mm
Wall thickness control: 64 points wall thickness controlling system has the displaying function of actual wall thickness curve, which makes adjustment very easy.
Ⅲ.Clamping unit:
Type: Structure of 4 pulling rods and 3 platens.
Platen dimensions: 1200mm×1910mm
Distance between platens: 1000mm-1900mm
Clamping force: 750KN
Rapid mould opening/closing speed: 12m/min
Slow mould opening/closing speed: random adjustment
Ⅳ.Blow unit:
Expansive stroke: 2×160mm
Extending and contracting stroke: 240mm
Ⅴ.Mechanical hand:
Clamping diameter: φ400mm
 Advance and retreat stroke: 1200mm
Ⅵ.Hydraulic system:
The system adopts hydraulic proportional servo controlling unit, the key elements are all imported products such as proportional valve, overflow valve, pilot valve, pneumatic valve, etc., which features stable run, reliable functions, exact actions, long service life and quick response.
The working pressure of main hydraulic system: 16Mpa.
The working pressure of auxiliary hydraulic system: 6Mpa.
The working pressure of hydraulic servo system: 14Mpa.
Ⅶ.Controlling system:
The system adopts imported PLC+ feel-type operating display. It can realize full control and management for action, picture etc., and can also do high reliability, multiple-functions and intellectualization of system.
The system can mainly realize the following functions:
1. Real time controlling actions of the machine.
2. 64 points parison axial wall thickness control.
3. Opening/closing mould control speed and curve control.
4. Auto-alarming under the conditions of overtime and not reaching the correct position.
5. General-purpose multiple-functions system.
6. Real time displaying the current working conditions.
7. Real time displaying the trouble and alarming information.
8. The system is automatically reset before the circular action begins.
9. Manually set the varied conditions to ensure safety.
10. The data is directly modified on the screen.
The temperature controlling system employs imported automatic temperature controller, which can realize automatically controlling te