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Continuous Salt Bath Vulcanization Production Line
Special note 

Composition of Equipment For LCM System
Superiority of LCM system

Composition of Equipment For LCM System
1.Salt-bath dissolving tank;
2.Vulcanization tank;
3.Staged washing, cleaning and cooling tank;
4.Water collection and treatment tank;
Superiority of LCM system
1.The liquid level of salt-bath vulcanization tank is constant, the temperature control precision is high;
2.High-efficient cleaning, cooling and drying of shaped rubber materials;
3.Patent system of recovery of vulcanization salt to reduce the loss of salt with big margin;
4.Low consumption of energy;
5.Low consumption of water;
6.Low production cost;
7.Perfect filtration system enable the salt-bath to be used for long time, and in same time it eliminate the possibility of fire and explosion;
8.No drainage of wasted water;
9.Purified treatment of wasted gas;
10.   Perfect environmental protection;
Features of LCM technology:
Compared with other rubber vulcanization technology such as microwave vulcanization technology, the LCM system has given prominence, mainly to an extremely good treatment quality, very high vulcanization speed, and extensive adaptability ( can be used for vulcanization of color rubber, etc), and:
1.Because of excellent heat exchanging performance of vulcanization salt bath, the section of the shaped rubber strip can be fully and uniformly vulcanized;
2.The shaped rubber strip soaked in the high density salt bath and endure uniform pressure during vulcanization, the distortion for vulcanization is extremely small;
3.The rubber strip surface through salt bath technology is smooth and less micro-hole;
4.The reinforced material inside of the shaped rubber strips shall not be affected by vulcanization.
5.No need to ad special chemical additives required by such as UHF technique;
6.Low consumption of energy sources. When natural gas or coal gas is used as the main heating source, the cost for energy is more low.